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We create a combination of different solutions to optimise the use of resources, land and opportunities!

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We create new better smart solutions by learning from nature and from our roots – ancestors – who were connected to nature much closer than we are, but we are going to change it.

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We lost the connection between our society and Mother Nature.

Our goal is to reconnect again to regain lost knowledge that our ancestors used.

Using the right solutions we will be more successful and productive!

Our Research

Our pilot projects in Winterthur (Switzerland):

  • Waste incinerator plant Scheidegg,
  • Old printing house Mattenbach,
  • Startup factory Technopark,
  • Retirement home Eichgut,
  • Test roof of Fenaco.

Our pilot projects outside Switzerland:

  • Hanaton (Israel) of BLDVEG,
  • Sosnovka (Kyrgyzstan),
  • Sudogda (Russia).