Our Story

In Switzerland, people started talking about sustainability trends only in the 90s. I always stood for values and ideas of sustainable development. From my point of view soil and nature are the basis of social and economic sustainability growth. At an early age I dreamed of becoming a researcher and one day my dreams have come true. I started as a landscape gardener and now I’m bringing my own ideas for new inventions in green and energy solutions.

I’m working on collaboration between different stakeholders: municipalities, universities, businesses, real estate holders, and residents to bring smart solutions to life and how to combine them all.

I’ve been involved in multiple projects on renewable energy solutions such as PV modules and wind turbines in combination with green roof installations focusing on rainwater retention, biodiversity and urban gardening.

For more than 25 years I have been committed to renewable energy solutions, first as president of the young Christian democratic party of Zurich and Switzerland. For my political commitment, I was awarded in 2001 with the European Solar Award.

With the startup company Dasagren Ltd. I was active with further pioneers in the field of wood gasification in the 0’s years.

On the tenth session of the Group of Experts of Renewable in Geneva (11–12.09.2023) I was elected as the representative of Switzerland as vice–chair of the Group of Experts on Renewable Energy (GERE).