Our Robot Prototype

For easy maintenance of your roof

WepfAir AG is leading this project. Andreas Dreisiebner, a member of the board of directors of WepfAir AG, collaborates with 2 departments of ZHAW. The initiative is supported by Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency, and was initiated by Solarspar. The project involves the adaption of an existing robotic lawn mower in the market, with implementation carried out by WepfAir AG. Alongside with Optigrün we are going to conduct test of the prototype at the roof of Mattenbach and in Rosenheim in 2024.

Save money and time!

With our sheep robot, you will save money and time on maintaining your energy green roof. It is easy to use and controls the vegetation growth on your roof.

Limits of Energy Production

Dust and snow limit the energy production of classical PV installations. They have less productivity of 5% in summer because of sand and dust brought from the Sahara desert and 20-30% less productivity in winter because of snow. Vertical PV installations are not affected by these weather conditions – they are productive the whole year round.