Wind Turbines

The world’s best rotors!

Higher efficiency!


WepfAir AG

Our team develops and manufactures highly powerful wind turbines.

We have been working in mechanics for over 20 years and have developed a new generation of wind turbines in recent years, which we would like to introduce to you here.

World record! After a series of measurements in the Large Emmen Wind Tunnel with the ZHAW, it is clear that WepfAir is currently building the world’s best rotors.

“6-blade wind turbines are 70% more efficient than 3-bladed turbines!”

— WepfAir AG

Technical Details

Our wind turbines can be implemented on different scales. Starting turning at 0.8 m/s they produce power already at 2 m/s. Turbines equipped with 6 rotor blades are more efficient at 70% than the classical 3-bladed ones.

On a small scale, e.g. on a rooftop of residential buildings (⌀ 1,2-3,6 m; Ppeak = 0,5-5 kW), they can be installed on a fence or vertical installation to eat wind power for higher productivity. On a bigger scale of max high 26 m (⌀ 14 m; Ppeak = 80-240 kW), e.g. for commercial/business purposes.

  • Mechanical and aerodynamical high efficiency;
  • Slow-moving and very quiet;
  • Bird- and bat-friendly;
  • Modular design;
  • Aesthetics.

See the flyer of small and big solutions of WepfAir – Swift and Falcon 80 single/triple wind turbines.

The Innovative 6-bladers vs 3-bladers

The owner of WepfAir AG, Hans Wepfer, explains the difference from the innovative WepfAir’s 6-bladers to the traditional 3-bladers. At the edge of 3-bladers the wind speed can go over 300 km/h, but at the edge of WepfAir’s 6-bladers it reaches less than a half (< 150 km/h on the edge).

Gamplüt Project

Our Breakthrough Technology

By the slow windspeed of less than 2 m/s our turbine in Gamplüt (⌀ 14 m) is turning properly, around 97% of the day and is producing and ready for each little wind gust to produce surprisingly much energy. According to Prof. Bernoulli, it is not possible to produce electricity starting from 2 m/s but with our technology, we show this is possible.

WepfAir Hans