Realised Projects

Davos (Switzerland): 37 kWp
Realised by Growsolutions, 2023
Coca-Cola, Vals (Switzerland): 112 kWp
Contracted by Solarspar, 2020
Riders, Laax (Switzerland): 30 kWp
Advised by Growsolutions, 2020
Werkhof Scheidegg, Winterthur (Switzerland): 78 kWp
Contracted by Solarspar, 2013

Werkhof Scheidegg in Winterthur was realised in 2013 and used for research goals. Since 2012, Solarspar and the ZHAW have been looking for new methods to make optimum use of solar energy in combination with greenery. A test facility at the Scheidegg work yard of Winterthur showed the partners the strengths and weaknesses of combined solutions. The focus was on the cooling effect of evapotranspiration by plants; it exists, but less than 1%. The effect is minimised – the increased productivity of PVs on gravel roofs and irrigated green roofs is only 0,7%.

Geiselweidstrasse, Winterthur (Switzerland): 15 kWp
Realised by Growsolutions, 2023

This energy green roof on Geiselweidstrasse in Winterthur (Switzerland) is a combination of vertical and butterfly modules, and was realised in 2023. The maximum production of this combined solution is 15 kW (6,5 kWp of butterfly + 8,5 kWp of vertical). The bifacial installations in this case are utilised partly for safety and collective protection on a roof which is an ideal solution for space optimisation. It covers around 50% of self-consumption for this residential building.

Catholic parish, Wiesendangen (Switzerland): 16 kWp
Realised by Growsolutions, 2022

This project on the Catholic parish hall in Wiesendangen was realised in 2022. The whole system produces a power of 16,12 kW per peak, it includes 62 bifacial modules of 260 W. All steps of the project are realised by Growsolutions.

Eichgut, Wintertur (Switzerland): 10 kWp
Contracted by Solarspar, 2019
Josefstrasse, Zurich (Switzerland): 88 kWp
Realised by Growsolutions, 2022

This project was realised on a bank roof located on Josefstrasse in Zürich realised in 2022, have a combined system of vertical and classical south-facing installations producing around 88 kWp. This energy green roof has biodiversity islands and water ponds which are helpful for the establishment of species and for creating of local community in the middle of an urbanized area, providing shelters for insects, spiders, and birds.

Warehouse of Opera House, Zurich (Switzerland): 824 kWp
Contracted by Solarspar, 2019

From summer 2019, 2660 elevated solar modules produce around 850,000 kilowatt hours of electricity from the sun on the warehouse building of the Zürich Opera House. The panels are half-oriented to the east and west.

Sudogda (Russia): 6,72 kWp
Realised by Growsolutions, 2021

This project was realised in 2021 on the roof of the pump station for the sludge wastewater treatment. This old building, built back in the 70s, has 2 types of PV installations: vertical and south oriented with an installed capacity of 6,72 kWp. In the same year, an opening ceremony was held by the Swiss ambassador Krystyna Marty Lang.

Hanaton (Israel): 9 kWp
Advised by Growsolutions, realised by BLDVEG, 2023

1st energy green roof in Hanaton (Israel), realised by BLDVEG in 2023. The maximum power of the system is 9 kWp, which consists of 16 bifacial modules of 545 W. This project is advised by Growsolutions. The system provides a cooling effect for the building that diminishes energy consumption on air conditioning. A decrease in temperature at 2°C saves 20% of energy on cooling in summer.

Sosnovka (Kyrgyzstan): 6,72 kWp
Realised by Growsolutions, 2022

The project was realised on the school’s roof for handicapped children in 2022. The system contains vertical and south-oriented PV installations with a capacity of 6,72 kW per peak. In the same year in December, keepers held an opening ceremony.